Over the years, healthcare has experienced many changes. As a result of these changes, the Authority saw the need to evolve and partner with a professional, respected hospital operator.

After a thorough review process, the Authority entered into a long-term lease with Capella Health in 2007, which resulted in a Foundation of more than $100 million dedicated to investing in our community. Capella operated the hospital under lease terms designed to protect vital healthcare services and the quality of care at MRMC.

Later, Saint Francis, who emphasized a strong commitment to keeping care in the community local, took over the operational lease, including those terms, from Capella Health in 2017.

Today, the Authority is responsible for ensuring the terms of the lease with Saint Francis are met. The vital protections in the lease guarantee local access to a wide range of healthcare services for patients and the members of the community.

Muskogee Medical Center Authority Timeline:

  • 1966: City of Muskogee forms the Authority to operate MRMC.
  • 1966 – 2007: The Authority manages operations of MRMC.
  • 2007: The Authority leases MRMC operations to Capella Health.
  • 2015: Capella Health acquired by Medical Properties Trust, Inc./Regional Care, who assumes the operating lease of MRMC.
  • 2017: The Authority transfers MRMC lease to Saint Francis.