To learn more about the Authority and protecting local healthcare, below is a list of frequently asked questions. You can also submit a question of your own in the box on the below.

1. What is the Authority? What is its role?
The Muskogee Medical Center Authority (MMCA) is the guardian of our community’s healthcare and the vital asset we have in Muskogee Regional Medical Center (MRMC).

The Authority was formed by the City of Muskogee in 1966 to be the local governing body for MRMC. The Authority has the exclusive responsibility of managing the lease and ensuring access to quality, local healthcare for the people of Muskogee.

2. What is the relationship between the City and the Authority?
The Authority was formed by the City of Muskogee in 1966, to be the governing body for Muskogee Regional Medical Center (MRMC). The City Council appoints members to the Authority Board of Trustees.

The Authority provides local oversight of our community hospital and frees the City from the business of managing the hospital. The City has maintained ownership of the hospital’s land and buildings, while the Authority manages and oversees the hospital’s operational lease.

3. Who sits on the Authority’s Board of Trustees?
The Authority is led by a volunteer Board of Trustees that is appointed by the City Council. The Trustees are local community members who take seriously their responsibility to ensure access to quality, local healthcare for the people of Muskogee.

The Authority Trustees are:

  • Evelyn Hibbs, Chairman
  • Fred Ruefer, MD
  • Chris Condley
  • Rev. Rodger L.B. Cutler
  • Derrick Reed
  • Ched Wetz
  • Paul Burchfiel
  • Wayne Wilburn, Ex Officio Member

4. Why is local healthcare important?
Local healthcare is important to our community for many reasons. First, local access ensures patients do not have to travel great distances to receive care. Additionally, our hospital is an economic engine for Muskogee. MRMC provides important jobs to this community, is attractive to businesses and families relocating here, and the hospital provides annual payments “in lieu of” property taxes that generates approximately $500,000 for our schools.

5. Why is the Authority still needed today?
The Authority is the guardian of local healthcare. The Authority provides local, non-political oversight of the lease and frees the City Council from managing the hospital’s operational lease.

6. What are the specific contractual requirements in the lease agreement?
Important contractual requirements are included in the lease agreement, which guarantee the hospital will continue to provide a wide range of local services, collaborate with physicians and nurses and be a good community partner.

Specific lease provisions include:

  • Operate as a general acute care hospital.
  • Ensure on-site medical and nursing education programs, joint ventures and collaborations with medical staff and patient satisfaction surveys and quality of care programs.
  • Lease can be terminated if hospital operations are vacated or abandoned, including moving substantial part of operations, business and personnel to another location.
  • The lease cannot be assigned to any non-affiliated third party without the Authority’s consent.
  • Hospital and operational premises must be rebuilt if any part of it is destroyed by fire or other causality.
  • Payments in lieu of property tax must be made.
  • Maintain all interior and exterior properties, including parking lots.
  • Make general capital improvements, including new equipment, renovations, facilities, development of new services and more.
  • Obtain landlord’s consent for alterations, additions and demolitions to facilities that are not routine.
  • Maintain insurance.


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